Hymns for All Seasons [Hardbound Hymn Book] ​by James Quinn, SJ

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James Quinn, SJ
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Hymns for All Seasons [Hardbound Hymn Book]

by James Quinn, SJ

The Complete Works of James Quinn, SJ

Jesuit Father James Quinn published his first collection of hymn texts in 1969. Over the years this quiet, modest man by nature became one of the most prolific hymn text writers of our time. His treasury of hymns texts spans a wide spectrum of occasions and seasons, from hymns for children and adaptations of Scripture to well-established seasonal tunes, hymns for the Divine Office and more.

With Hymns for All Seasons, OCP is proud to present the first-ever complete edition of Father Quinn's hymn texts. Using clean, sparse language, Father Quinn bestowed on us a treasury of texts that are scriptural, catechetical and theological, texts that gained widespread use in Christian churches of all denominations around the world over the years.

An internationally known composer, Paul Inwood served as the editor for this lovely book—collecting all the hymns, writing scholarly notes, finding the musical settings and tracking down eight previously unpublished hymns.

Each hymn includes the following:
Text-only version of the hymn
Author's notes (original to Fr. Quinn)
Editor's notes (from Paul Inwood)
Hymn tune options

Suggested topics:
Music setting (though the majority of hymns have this, there are several that don't)
This definitive collection provides a wealth of information for hymnologists, pastoral musicians and others interested in hymns. It will also make a wonderful addition to any reference or music library.

Quinn’s Hymns for All Seasons was reviewed in The American Organist! Columnist Jonathan B. Hall writes, “In the Constitution on Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, the council fathers held that the rites of the Church should be distinguished by ‘noble simplicity.’ The poetry of James Quinn, SJ is written precisely to that point. Quinn’s hymn texts work out the meaning of noble simplicity.” Hall later concludes, “… Quinn succeeds extraordinarily well. That several of his texts have made their unassuming way into our hearts is proof enough.”

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List of Songs:
A Sign Is Seen in Heaven
 O Food for Pilgrims Lowly
 Now Fades All Earthly Splendour
 Now Is the Hour of Rejoicing
 Now Let All on Earth Fall Silent
 Now Let Us All with One Accord (Appendix text)
 Now on This Feast of Love
 Now to the Throne of God in Exultation
 Now, from the Heavens Descending
 O Child of Promise, Come
 O Come, O Come, Thou Child Emmanuel
 O Father, Take in Sign of Love
 O First among the Chosen Twelve
 O Flock of Christ, Your Homage Bring
 O Food for Pilgrims Lowly
 Now at the Daylight’s Ending
 O Food to Pilgrims Given
 O God of Light, the Dawning Day
 O Light from Light
 O Mary, Conceived in the Grace of Your Son
 O Praise, My Soul, the Lord
 O Priest and Victim, Lord of Life
 O Queen of Heaven, to You the Angels Sing
 O Sacred Heart, for All Once Broken
 O Sacred Heart, for All Once Broken
 O Sing of the Lord Who Saves Us
 O White-Robed King of Glory
 Of the Firstborn of the Father
 On Carmel’s Mount Our Lady Tends
 Now before the Throne of Heaven
 My Soul Is Like the Deer
 Our Gospel Is the Risen Christ
 Loving Father, from Your Bounty
 Lord Jesus, Make Me Holy
 Lord Jesus, Once on Tabor’s Height
 Lord Jesus, Remember
 Lord, Bid Your Servant Go in Peace
 Lord, in My Heart Are Simple Thoughts
 Lord, Let Me Love You More and More
 Lord, Make Us Servants of Your Peace
 Lord, Speak Your Words of Peace
 Love Is Long-Suffering, Love Is Kind
 Love Is Long-Suffering, Love Is Kind
 Love Is of God
 Lovely Your Dwelling Is
 Loving Father, from Your Bounty
 My Shepherd Is My Lord and God
 Loving Shepherd, King Divine
 Mary of Carmel, Crowned with Heaven’s Glory
 Mass Verses for Adults
 Mass Verses for Children
 May Flights of Angels Lead You on Your Way
 May Glory, Praise and Honour
 May God Give His Grace in Our Waking
 Mother of Christ, Our Hope, Our Patroness
 Mother of Jesus, Mary of Ireland
 Mother of Mercy
 My Freedom, Lord, My Memory
 My Jesus, My Love, Look with Pity on Me
 My Love Is My God, My Life Is My Lord
 On Sion’s Mount the City Stands
 Our Heavenly Father, May Your Name
 Lord Jesus, Let Me Know You, Who You Are
 To You I Lift My Eyes, O Lord
 The Lord Is the Giver of Goodness
 The New Eve Stands Before the Tree (I)
 The New Eve Stands Before the Tree (II)
 The Seed Is Christ’s
 This Day God Gives Me
 This Day God Gives Me
 This Is My Will
 Those Who Weep as They Sow
 To God Our Father, Sovereign Lord
 To God with Gladness Sing
 To Those Who Revere You, O Lord
 To You I Lift My Eyes, Dear Lord
 To You, Lord, I Lift Up My Heart
 The Lord I Will Praise
 Town of David, King and Shepherd
 Wake from Your Sleep of Death
 We Praise You, God, Confessing You as Lord
 We Praise You, God, Confessing You as Lord (Prayer Text)
 We Praise You, O Queen in Glory
 We Who Live in Christ Were Born in His Death
 Where True Love Is Dwelling
 Who Is This in Glory Decked
 Word of God, Come Down on Earth
 Word of God, from Mary’s Womb
 You Are All-Fair, O Mary of the Glories
 You Are My Shepherd, Lord
 You Are Peter
 The Lord Is King, Enthroned on High
 The Bread That We Break
 Out of the Depths of Love
 See, from His Throne in Heaven Above
 Peace with the Father
 Peace, My Own Peace
 Praise God, O Heaven, in Heaven’s Height
 Praise Him as He Mounts the Skies
 Praise the Almighty, for All Praise Is Due to Him
 Praise the King of All Creation
 Praise the Lord, All You Nations
 Rejoice, All the World, at the Rising
 Remember Those, O Lord
 Remember, Father, Loving Lord
 Saint Augustine, Wisest Preacher
 Saint Cecilia, Loving Patron
 Saint of Siena, Fed by God
 See in David’s City
 The Angel Brought Mary the Word of the Lord
 Sing a New Song to God on High
 Sing to God with Gladness, All Creation
 Sing to the Lord of All
 Sing, All Creation
 Sing, All My Being
 Sing, Francis
 Sion, Sing in Exultation
 Skies at Midnight Burst Asunder
 Sleep, Little Child, While You May
 Son of the Father, Born Before Time’s Dawn
 Spare Us, Spare Us, Lord
 Teach Me to Serve You as I Should
 The Angel Brought Mary the Word of the Lord
 Lord Jesus, Let Me Live for You
 Lord Jesus, from Your Wounded Side
 A Voice Spoke from Heaven
 Creator Spirit, Lord of Grace (Prayer Text)
 Christians, Your Life Is to Love
 Come Down, O Spirit Blest
 Come Down, O Spirit Blest
 Come Down, O Spirit Blest
 Come, Adore This Wondrous Presence
 Come, Adore This Wondrous Presence (Prayer Text)
 Come, Bless the Lord
 Come, Christ’s Beloved
 Come, Holy Spirit, Fire of Truth
 Come, Joyful Pilgrims
 Come, Praise the Lord, the Almighty
 Creator Spirit, Lord of Grace
 Cross of Glory, Cross of Gladness
 Christ's Banner Guides Us on Christ's Way
 Cry Out in Gladness, All the Earth
 Darkness Has Faded, Night Gives Way to Morning
 Day Is Done, but Love Unfailing
 Dear Father, Take from Loving Hands
 Dear Love of My Heart
 Deep in Our Hearts, O King
 Easter Glory Fills the Sky
 Eternal God in Trinity
 Father of Mercies, Heaven’s Eternal Dayspring
 Father of Mercy, God of Consolation
 Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven (I)
 Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven (II)
 Five Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary
 Christ’s Banner Guides Us on Christ’s Way
 Christ Was of Old, Yet Christ Is of Today
 Lord Jesus, at This Hour You Took
 Blessed Be the God of Israel
 All Kingship Is Yours
 Alleluia, Alleluia. Praise the Lord and His Christ
 Angel Voices, Richly Blending
 Angel, Sent by God the Father
 Around the Throne of God I Heard
 At This Great Feast of Love
 At This Same Hour, Redeemer King
 Be in My Seeing
 Before All Creation the Word Had Been Born
 Bless the Lord of the Sunrise
 Blessed Are You, Lord
 Blessed Are You, O Poor in Spirit
 Blessed Be the God of Israel
 Christ the King, Enthroned in Splendour
 Blessed Be the God of Israel
 Blessed Be the God of Israel
 Blessed Be the Lord Our God
 Blessed Be the Lord Our God
 Children, Greet Your New-Born King
 Christ Be Beside Me
 Christ Is My Faith, My Hope
 Christ Is the Likeness That Reveals
 Christ Is Victor (I)
 Christ Is Victor (II)
 Christ Is Victor (III)
 Christ Is Victor (IV)
 Christ Keeps His Promised Hour
 Five Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary
 Five Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary
 Forgive Them, Father Dear
 Joseph, We Praise You
 I Call, O Lord, on You
 I Sing of Your Goodness for Ever
 I Will Bless Your Goodness, God My Father
 Israel, Sing Your Song of Victory
 Jerusalem, Fairest of Cities
 Jesus on the Cross Is Dying
 Jesus, in Death You Shed Your Blood
 Jesus, Lord of Glory
 Jesus, Redeemer, from Your Heart
 Jesus, Your Church Was Built on Firm Foundations
 Jesus’ Body, Here We Greet You
 Jesus’ Soul, Make Holy
 Joseph, Wise Ruler of God’s Earthly Household
 Forth from on High the Father Sends
 Joy Fill Your Heart, O Queen Most High
 Joy Fill Your Heart, O Queen Most High (Prayer Text)
 Joy Is Yours, Mary
 Judge of the World, You Are Judged Unjustly
 King of Angels, You Are Welcome
 King, from Our Hands Receive
 Let All Be One in Mind and Heart
 Let Carmel Echo Joyfully
 Let Your Might Be the Lord Almighty
 Light of Undying Glory, Shine
 Look Down from Heaven, Lord
 Lord God, You Made Us for Yourself
 Lord Jesus Christ, You Built Your Church
 I Believe in God the Father
 I Am the Word That Spoke and Light Was Made
 I Am the Holy Vine
 God the Father Sends His Angel
 Forth in the Peace of Christ We Go
 From Depths of Grief I Cry
 Gabriel, to Mary Sent
 Give Answer, O God of Grace
 Give Rest to Your Servants, O Lord
 Give Thanks to God the Father
 Glorify, Magnify
 Glory to Christ Our King
 God All-Holy, Fountain of Life
 God Is Love, and Where True Love Is (I)
 God Is Love, and Where True Love Is (II)
 God Sent the Sinless One
 Grant, Lord, Your Gift of Peace
 I Am the Bread of Life
 Great Is Your Glory, O God
 Guide Us, Star of Ocean
 Hail Our Saviour’s Glorious Body
 Hail, Mary, Full of Gladness
 Hail, Our Queen and Mother Blest
 Have Pity, God of Grace, on Me, a Sinner
 Heart of Jesus, Full of Wisdom
 Holy Day of the Lord
 Holy Mary, Full of Grace, We Turn to You
 Holy Spirit from on High
 Holy Spirit, Lord, Gift of God
 How Deep the Riches of Our God
 How Full of Kindness Is the Lord
 Your Body, Jesus, Once for Us Was Broken
 Be Thou My Vision (Appendix text)