Kid's New Testament - CEV Bible Stories (CD) with Bonus

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Kid s new testament   cev bible stories  cd  with bonus
Kid's New Testament - CEV Bible Stories (CD) with Bonus image 1 Kid's New Testament - CEV Bible Stories (CD) with Bonus image 2 Kid's New Testament - CEV Bible Stories (CD) with Bonus image 3 Kid's New Testament - CEV Bible Stories (CD) with Bonus image 4

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Kid's New Testament - CEV Bible Stories

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Kid's New Testament - CEV Bible Stories
(CD) with Bonus   

This Dramatized Audio bible is great for fun or home school curriculum The Holy Bible comes alive from the Birth of Jesus to Jesus returning back into Heaven. The entire family from 3 years to 90 will enjoy the 327 New Testament Bible Stories when listening to the dramatized audio Bible. The Acts of the Apostle are exciting adventures as you experience the Pentecostal Power that Peter experienced at Pentecost. Feel the passion of Paul as he takes the Good News to the gentiles. The Good News that Jesus brings is experienced by young and old alike. This audio Bible on CD has 15 CDs that deliver over 17 hours of listening pleasure. The American Bible Society's goal in translating the CEV version was to have an accurate version that is easy for all to read and understand in today's English. This fact also makes this Audio Bible very easy to listen to and understand. Jesus and His Disciples will become your children's best friends and favorite heroes as they listen to the Bible Stories. More than 100 Children s books of the Bible songs are included. Several are found in every book of the New Testament. In the early part of The Gospel of Mathew, you will hear and sing along with The B-I-B-L-E, I stand alone on the Word of God and The B-I-B-L-E. Listening to this Audio Bible does help young and old to stand alone on the Word of God and The B-I-B-L-E. The children s Bible songs include your favorite action Bible songs, Kid s Bible songs, and sing-along Bible songs. Wee Sing Bible songs are fun, as a family sings along together. Many all-time favorite songs are included. The songs tie in with the adjacent scripture and help you to remember. The Audio Bible begins with the birth of Jesus in the Gospel of Mathew. You will feel the excitement of the shepherds, as the Angels proclaim the birth of the Christ Child. This dramatized Word for Word audio Bible contains one Bible story after another. Every story and event of the New Testament is included. These Bible stories are loved by people of all ages from 3 to 90. The stories of the Bible come to life. Actors and actresses that love Jesus, express the excitement of the Greatest Story Ever Told. These Bible Stories for Children and Adults will hold the attention of both young and old. This is the complete Jesus storybook Bible with all 4 Gospels included. The professionally Dramatized Bible, with sound effects, delivers the Big Picture Bible Story. It is truly a Gospel Story Bible for people of all ages. This audio CD Bible has been selected as the Best Audio Bible by many. Every one of the professional performers loves Jesus and desired to bring glory to Him as they presented the Holy Bible Audio Word for Word. The durable and attractive Flying Saucer-shaped, Red Discus case protects the 15 CDs of the New Testament audio Bible on CD, in scratch-proof cloth pockets. There are 20, easy to access cloth pockets so you can store 5 additional of your favorite CDs.

Recommended for ages 4 to 12

Product Details:
UPC: 9781930034259
Recorded by: Multiple voices
Manufacture: CASSCOM MEDIA
Release Year: 2004