Liber Brevior & Holy Week Gregorian Chant Book 2-book special/combination

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Liber brevior   holy week gregorian chant book 2 book specialcombination

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Liber Brevior & Holy Week Gregorian Chant Book
2-book special/combination

Liber Brevior
With Rhythmic Signs of Solesmes
[propers & ordinaries for Sundays, feast days & common of the saints]

Everyone familiar with singing Gregorian Chant knows about the big book called the Liber Usualis. It has been the definitive book for chant since around 1904, when it first came out. It contains almost everything one would need to sing the Divine Office and the daily and Sunday Masses. But it is an extensive and heavy book. Indeed, this book is a must for those who chant the Divine Office in the choir. But what about the average traditional choirs in churches, chapels, and schools? Enter the Liber Brevior. In response to the demand of some for a book that would include the ordinary sung portions of the Mass (Kyrie, etc.), as well as the daily changing parts (the propers), the Desclée publishing house in Belgium and the Gregorian Institute of America in 1954, came out with the Liber Brevior to meet the needs of those who wished to sing Gregorian Chant but did not need those parts of the Divine Office. We at PCP have reprinted this book to the exact specifications of the original. Even the two ribbons are the same color as the original edition. The size, cover texture, and red edges all match the original to such a degree that it would be hard to tell the difference between an original Liber Brevior and our reprinted version. It has a supplement with five Masses not included in the 1954 edition – St. Joseph the Worker, the Queenship of Mary, St. Pius X, the North American Martyrs & Our Lady of Guadalupe. And we updated the moveable feast chart that goes up to the year 2041. In the back section of the book, there is another set of Graduals, Alleluias, and Tracts in a more straightforward Gregorian Chant tone arrangement of the same music. And teachers will love this book since it does away with having to photocopy pages for students since each student can have their own copy. 7.5” x 4.87” x .87” with supplement

Product Details:
Hardcover: 766 pages
Publisher: Preserving Christian Publications (2011)
Language: Latin
Product Dimensions: 7.5” x 4.87” x .87 inches
Shipping Weight: 12.8 ounces Liber Brevior
Liber Brevior: With Rhythmic Signs of Solesmes
Author: Monks of Solesmes
Reprint of 1954 edition
Gregorian notation
English rubrics
Bible paper
with supplement
Hardcovered with two ribbons, red edges

The Liber Brevior
Initially published in 1954, the Liber Brevior (or shorter book) fills a need for those who don’t need all the features of the significant and more common Liber Usualis. Like the Liber Usualis, the Liber Brevior has all the ordinary parts and propers of the Sunday Masses, all the major feasts, and most of the regular weekday feasts, but without the features of the Liber Usualis on the Divine Office.  This shorter book is ideal for small choirs, students, and others interested only in singing Masses with the Gregorian notation.  With English rubrics. In this edition are added a supplement of six Masses not in the original printing and an accompaniment to the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. At the end of the book are found simpler versions of the Graduals, Versicles of the Alleluia and Tracts, set to simplified Gregorian notation for those choirs not skilled enough to sing the traditional melodies. Includes two ribbons, durable permalex end sheets, red edges, Bible paper, sewn hardback.

Liber Hebdomadae (Holy Week Gregorian Chant Book)

Cantus Gregoriani

The most important week for any Catholic is Holy Week. During that time, the Church wants us to reflect upon one of the greatest mysteries of our faith: the passion and death of our Blessed Lord. The Church, over the centuries, has assembled some of the greatest prayers and ceremonies to commemorate this great act of love of Jesus. And these prayers and rituals are all accompanied by beautiful psalms tones and sublime Gregorian chant that generally are only heard during that mournful week. Since we recently reprinted Liber Brevior was based on the original 1954 edition, this book did not include the restored Pius XII Holy Week ceremonies and offices. So we at PCP decided to put together a book just for Holy Week that would consist of all the chants and melodies for all the offices, ceremonies, and Masses of that week. Thus our new Gregorian Chant Holy Week Book was born. Indeed it can be argued it is difficult to restore the traditional sense of Holy Week on the parish level today. But we think that introducing this book will help bring back the importance of the sacred to that week if properly implemented and used by those in charge of conducting Holy Week services. The new Gregorian Chant Holy Week Book was made by taking out those parts from the 1962 Liber Usualis that pertain to the entire week, beginning with the restored Palm Sunday ceremonies up to and including the Easter Vigil. Thus, parishes with those interested in doing the offices of the Sacred Triduum, for example, can find this book most valuable in singing those offices on the last three days of Holy Week. And all the other sung ceremonies can be found in this book as well. For choirs on the parish level, we believe this book of 251 pages is smaller, more functional, and more affordable for Holy Week than the more extensive and bulkier Liber Usualis. As usual, we have had this book sewn and bound with a durable hardcover binding for long life. One ribbon marker was inserted in the text as a speedy reference locator. All the music is in Gregorian notation with the rubrics in English.

Product Details:
Stock # 55737
Number of Pages: 251p
Subject: Religion & Spirituality
Language: English
Topic: Gregorian Chant
Format: Hardcover
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 9780984013913

Holy Week Gregorian Chant Book:
Liber Hebdomadae Sanctae Cantus Gregoriani
Since the Liber Brevior was published before the 1956 Holy Week changes became official, we have printed a companion volume, the Liber Hebdomadae Sanctae, or the Holy Week Gregorian Chant Book, which has all the ceremonies of Holy Week, including Tenebrae: 1 ribbon, sewn hardback.