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Roman Ritual, The [Rituale Romanum] - 3-Volume Set

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Roman ritual 3 volume set

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Brand New
Religion & Spirituality Prayerbooks
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Religion, Spirituality
Fr Philip T. Weller
Preserving Christian Publications

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Roman Ritual, The [Rituale Romanum] 3-Volume Set

Title: Roman Ritual, The [Ritual Romanum]: Subtitle: In Latin and English With Rubrics and Plainchant Notation [vol 1: The Sacraments; Processions; vol 2: Christian Burial, Exorcism, Reserved Blessings, etc.; vol 3: The Blessings] [in 3 vol] Author: Fr Philip T. Weller
Published originally between 1946 and 1952, we have handsomely reprinted all 3 volumes each measuring 8 5/8" x 5 ½" in simulated leather hardbound with gold-embossing, sewn binding, a marking ribbon, and per the originals: red and black text throughout and plain chant notation! Each volume is completely indexed in both Latin and English! Even more important for those who adhere to the traditional Rituale Romanum is that Fr. Weller prudently retained the Vulgate Psalter for all of the Latin renditions of the antiphons and psalms, while faithful English translations of the various liturgical hymns were rendered by Fr. Matthew Brit, OSB (from his own book, The Hymns of the Roman Breviary and Missal). As stated in the Foreword of his first completed volume (Vol. III in 1946), Fr. Weller compiled his set of The Roman Ritual for the clergy "as a manual and reference" and for the laity's "interest and enthusiasm for the rites and prayers of so important a part of the liturgical books of the Church." His indispensable 3-volume set was especially prized for its thoroughness in treating of the liturgical laws pertaining to each rite, as well as his copious and instructive commentaries. Once very difficult (and expensive) to obtain secondhand, it can now be yours in brand new condition and for a reasonable price, either individually, or as a set!

Volume I (The Sacraments and Processions)
Reprinted from the original 1948 edition, this volume contains the complete rites for 6 of the 7 sacraments and the traditional prayers and rubrics for the various kinds of liturgical processions. Though it includes the extraordinary form of a priest administering Confirmation, the rite for consecrating a bishop is absent as this is found only in the Pontificale Romanum. 607 pages, maroon cover, 

Volume II (Christian Burial and Office for the Dead, Exorcism, Blessings Reserved to Religious or to Certain Places) Reprinted from the original 1952 edition, this volume provides the formulas and rubrics for rites of burial, the Office of the Dead, the full rite of exorcism (NB: not to be performed except by those who have been delegated by a proper ecclesiastical authority), and reserved blessings for religious or certain places.
480 pages, black cover, 

Volume III (Blessings)
Reprinted from the original 1945 edition, this volume provides the formulas and rubrics for all official blessings found in the Rituale Romanum. Even includes blessings pertinent to modern times that were approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites (e.g., the blessing of telegraphs, of airplanes, of any mechanical object) and more!
498 pages, hunter green cover.

Product Information:
Publisher: Preserving Christian Publications 
Released Year:2007
Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 6.4 x 4.6 inches
Shipping Weight: 4.6 pounds